About me

Hi! I am an Assistant Professor in the Machine Learning for Smart Mobility (MLSM) group in the Department of Technology, Management and Economics at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)My main research focus lies on data science and machine learning approaches for urban planning and mobility, business analytics as well as the modeling of physical and social complex systems.

I received my PhD for the theoretical study of the statistical properties of complex systems and networks. I had substantial international postdoctoral experience related to statistical and machine learning modeling of physical, financial and transport systems, namely, analysis of financial time series, time series from atomic force microscopy and spatio-temporal prediction of transport demand. My research also involved web data mining, information retrieval, natural language processing, and Bayesian modeling. I am also a co-PI and the development lead of the Organic Materials Database — an interdisciplinary project related to the development of the web database of quantum properties of organic materials providing advanced information retrieval tools. 

Currently, I am working on machine learning and data-driven approaches for urban planning and mobility, business analytics, and materials science, with a particular focus on deep learning and generative modeling.


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